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More than a Decade Service Chandler

If you’ve been to the Chandler Fashion Center Mall in Chandler, AZ in the last 11 years, you may have noticed our stores there. In 2012, we first opened in a physical store on the lower level right next to Sears. When our lease was completed in that location, we moved to a 10 x 10 kiosk on the upper level near Fossil. And for the last 6 years, we’ve been in a physical store on the Upper level right next to T-Mobile. Here, for the first 3 years, we thrived. In fact, Chandler Fashion Center was our best performing store out of all 8 locations.

Department stores hit hard

Flash forward to January of 2019 and the struggling Sears department store finally shuttered its doors. A sad day indeed for Sears, its employees and loyal customers. But the closing of Sears also had a large impact on our business as well. Not only did we see a sizable loss of foot traffic, but customers no longer had a landmark nor an entrance to easily find us. Adding additional stress was the closing of Nordstrom’s department store in May of 2020. The entrance at Nordstroms was our second closest. So when we heard the news that Scheel’s, a new to the Valley sporting Goods concept, was planning on taking over both the upper and lower level entrance of the former Nordstroms, we were very excited. Scheel’s has been hard at work building and outfitting its new massive store. And while we are excited to finally experience it for ourself, we’re also quite grateful for the renewed foot traffic and entrance value it will bring. We are told that Scheel’s will be open for business in September of this year. Once opened, you can easily find our location by entering through Scheel’s, using their escalator to the 2nd floor and then entering the main mall corridor. Head towards the food court. You’ll see us on your right, next to T-Mobile.


To celebrate this new opportunity, we spent the past several weeks refreshing our store. We started by adding fresh LED lighting throughout. Then we polished our epoxy floor to a brand new finish. We cleaned and organized it from tip to toe while adding some new merchandizing. And lastly, we installed a new laser back glass removal too. This machine makes it possible for us to safely remove back glass from iPhone 8 and new when it breaks. Previously, this service was only available at our Tempe, Mesa and Park Place mall locations. We can now complete Apple iPhone back glass repairs in store, usually same day. 

If you have a chance, stop in and say hello and check out our handy work. 


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